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Welcome to the Upper Peninsula Marketplace!

We are pleased to announce that the UP Michigan Marketplace is officially open for business!

The UP Michigan Marketplace is meant to help promote local and small businesses located anywhere in the Upper Peninsula.

List your business in the business directory for free, or if you prefer, send us a message and we can add it for you. You can also add your events to the Calendar as a free member.

Upgrade to a paid membership for a small annual fee, and list your products and services in the marketplace. You can also submit your press releases to our blog, and take advantage of other perks. Featured Listings are also available to make your listings stand out.

The creator of the website lives in Menominee, Michigan and most of the first listings are all based here for that reason. Don’t let that deter you. No matter where you are located in the UP, you are welcome to list your business here and join us!

If you live in a Wisconsin border town and some of your customers are Yoopers, you are also welcome to post here.

Author: Jessica

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