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Welcome to the newly re-designed Business & Events directory!

I am a website developer by trade. This is one of my “hobby” websites, that I work on in my free time. I have spent the past couple weeks re-designing this site from the ground up. I had to start over from scratch on the business listings. So if you previously had a listing here and can’t find it, just go ahead and add it back!

The free business directory plugin I was using for the past 2 years just wasn’t up to par. So, I did a bunch of research, and then spent a bit of money to get the plugin I actually wanted instead of just trying any free one. This is a really nice plugin and I’m very pleased with it so far.

I’ve spent about 80-90 hours on this project between learning all the nuances of the new software, designing a new site around this plugin, and then testing and updating and testing and updating every page… I’m finally really happy with it though.

Now begins the never ending task of adding businesses to it when I have time. If you find your way here and want to add a new business, please do! Any business in the UP or Northern Wisconsin is welcome to add a free listing, no strings attached. I just want to catalog every cool nook and cranny of the UP. And promote everything that it has to offer.

Next week I’ll be starting a new project for a new client, so this project is wrapping up right in time. I hope you enjoy my website. Let me know if you have any comments, questions, or suggestions!

Author: Jessica

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