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Grow Maxx is an indoor/outdoor Garden Center & the UP’s Newest Traxxas Headquarters!

GrowMaxx in Iron Mountain, Michigan is the BIGGEST RC Superstore within 2 hours in any direction! We carry a huge selection of RC Cars, Trucks, and accessories. If you are into RC Cars, RC Trucks, RC Racing, or anything related, we are your one stop shop!

Even if we don’t have something in our store today, we can order anything from any of these vendors below. Use the links below to find what you are looking for, and then contact GrowMaxx in Iron Mountain to order!

Grow Maxx has everything you need to maxximize your garden and your harvests! HID lighting, MH Bulbs, HPS Bulbs, Hydroponic Supplies & Systems, Inline Fans, Carbon Filters, Duct Work, Plant Nutrients and Supplements, Bud Boosters, Cloners, Organic Soils, OMRI, Maxx Power Hydro Controllers, and more!

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